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PRH is now offering Acupressure and Thai Massage. Acupressure is one of a number of Asian bodywork therapies. It utilizes the principles of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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What's New?

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    YOGA at PRH!

    Beginning May 10, we will begin to offer suggested donation yoga classes here at PRH! Our weekly offerings will begin with: HATHA FLOW, SUNDAY 12 - 1:15 PM Get ready for Monday with this mellow yet invigorating practice. Work out the kinks, strengthen and energize so that you can start your week feeling your very best. What is Suggested Donation Yoga? It's just what it sounds like. We suggest a donation. You pay what you can so that you return for more. We want this to be a regular practice for you and encourage everybody to join in. Just drop your payment in the blue donation box ...more

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    Stretches to Cultivate Qi

    This series of six stretches was designed to facilitate qi flow through the channels of the body, and can be used as part of a daily practice to promote well-being. The uninhibited flow of Qi, or life energy, through the body is the most important principle in Chinese Medicine: in a healthy person, qi flows through twelve distinct channels of the body to make a complete circuit, and health problems result when the flow is blocked. Acupuncture serves to open blocked areas of qi by inserting needles into specific points located along the twelve channels. This series of stretches works ...more

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    Preventing Seasonal Allergies

    In honor of the first day of spring, we're making the commitment to get rid of those nasty seasonal allergies that plague so many of us. Here are some ways to keep your nose from running all spring and summer. Chinese Herbal Medicine: Jade Wind Screen This herbal formula works wonders for patients with seasonal allergies. The Chinese name for the formula is Jade Wind Screen, which refers to the traditional practice of planting bamboo in front of a house in order to build a barrier against wind that would bring sickness into the house. This same principle applies to the formula's ...more